Nagios XI Licenses & Support

MCS is one of the few featured Nagios Resellers in the US. We are able to sell the complete line of Nagios Licenses, Support, and Renewals. If you do not see the Nagios product you are looking for, please contact a rep and we will provide you with a custom quote. Educational institutions may be eligible for additional discounts. Large deployments with multiple licenses can also receive discounted special pricing via a custom quote.
XI-100-MSP-1Y Nagios XI – Base License 100 Nodes $1,895.25
XI-200-MSP-1Y Nagios XI – Base License 200 Nodes $2,845.25
XI-UNL-MSP-1Y Nagios XI – Base License Unlimited Nodes $4,745.25
XI-ENT-1Y Nagios XI Enterprise Upgrade $1,425.00
XI-SP-PHONE5 Nagios XI 5 Call Phone Support Pack $945.25
XI-SP-PHONE10 Nagios XI 10 Call Phone Support Pack $1,420.25
XI-FUSION Nagios Fusion License $945.25
IM-UNL-MSP-1Y Nagios Incident Manager License $945.00
LS-1I-MSP-1Y Nagios Log Server 1 Instance $1,895.25
LS-2I-MSP-1Y Nagios Log Server 2 Instance $4,745.25
LS-3I-MSP-1Y Nagios Log Server 3 Instance $5,695.25
NA-UNL-MSP-1Y Nagios Network Analyzer License $945.00
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