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MCS RightTrack is IT consulting services built on a foundation of experience, and customized based to the needs of your company or organization. RightTrack packages range from 25 hours to scheduled on-site weekly service based on your level of need. Businesses looking for a turn-key IT solution should use MCS RightTrack.

Get the Engineer you know with the Team to back them up

Other IT companies often just send out whatever tech is available. This results in having a new person at your site who is not familiar with your systems. RightTrack customers are assigned a dedicated primary and a backup technician. This way, you know your tech and can be comfortable knowing that he or she has experience with your IT needs. RightTrack customers also have direct access to our Engineers so when there is an issue, you can call or email directly to the person who knows what to do.

RightTrack customers get priority service in less than 4 hours

We offer RightTrack throughout Central Illinois. RightTrack can provide you the support of an IT department without having the expenses of a full time IT person. RightTrack can also be designed to work with your existing technical staff. RightTrack plans are customized based on your needs. RightTrack scales to provide monthly or weekly regular service to your organization.

Automated monitoring included for free

How can someone know the overall health status of a complex network and servers without monitoring. The short answer is they can't. MCS has a close relationship with the makers of Nagios, the network monitoring tool, and has completed several monitoring projects with companies all over the US. We leverage our extensive experience with network monitoring for all of our RightTrack customers to deploy hosted monitoring for no extra monthly fees. In most cases, we can spot most IT problems before they become critical. Since this monitoring is included, RightTrack customers receive better service and more uptime. Your assigned engineers can be faster and proactive when they can see what is working under a single pane of glass.

Please contact us and we will prepare a customized RightTrack solution for you.

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