Our Story

Started as a local networking company in April of 2003, Microchip Computer Solutions Inc. (MCS) has evolved into an innovative technology solution provider and consulting firm. MCS is located in Springfield Illinois serving clients and customers throughout Illinois and the Central United States. MCS's story goes back even further though with roots in the pre-internet dial up BBS (bulletin board system) called "The Microchip BBS."

MCS was founded by brothers Jesse and Ryan Coultas. The goal was to help local businesses with their computer hardware and software problems. In the early days, IT procurement played a major role in the development of the company. Specifically, public K-12 school districts found that MCS was able to undercut the competition by operating lean and accepting very low margins on medium to large computer bids. This led to additional services such as computer imaging and IT consulting.

As our client base grew, so did our service footprint. Our philosophy has always been to mold the company around what our clients want rather than what we want to sell them. Other business systems including phones, security cameras, and common devices have been standardizing around existing Ethernet network technologies. This has lead to MCS being able to act as a single resource offering many different business technology services under a single organized plan.

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