Data Recovery

Data Recovery

MCS can provide professional data recovery service for when the unexpected happenes and your data is lost. MCS can help you bring back a data from many types of damage. Supported devices include:

  • Hard Disks
  • Server Raid Arrays
  • Smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.)
  • Desktops
  • USB Drives
  • Tape Media

When disaster strikes there is still hope. MCS can help with all sorts of damage including, fire, flood, impact, circuit board failure, head crash, data corruption, etc. Even though some data might be damaged, odds are that most of it still remains intact. That data just needs to be found and pulled off. MCS offers clean room data recovery services for local customers in the Springfield, IL area. Just bring in your device and we will start our evaluation. Evaluation costs $99 plus shipping to the clean room facility. Once the evaluation is complete you will get a list of files that are able to be restored and another quote. Typically the cost for recovery is $700 - $3000 depending on the severity of the data loss and takes 5-8 business days. Expedited emergency service is available for an additional fee.

To begin evaluation, please fill out the forms below and a representative will contact you to complete your recovery evaluation.

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