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We are Looking for a Linux Deployment Engineer

CentOS Terminal Session

We need a talented person to help us out with projects and are looking for a Linux Deployment Engineer to join our team! Do you laugh at the idea of using a GUI on a server? Have the ability to dish out shell scripts like nobody's business? Do you feel a sense of satisfaction from fully updating a system without a single reboot? We want to hire you! Our Nagios deployment team has opportunities for you to work with a wide range of technologies to fully integrate monitoring solutions from the ground-up.

Electrical Upgrades

Copper Wire

When we moved our data center in 2008, we wanted to pick a location that would allow us to grow to avoid another move. Over the years, our data center has grown, and our infrastructure needs grew too. We have installed a generator, multiple fiber connections, dedicated cooling systems, and alarm/security upgrades. One of the most important needs, power, was also of some concern to us. As we added racks of servers, we know that it was time for an electrical overhaul.

Web Application Developer Opening

Web Application Developer
MCS is looking for a Web Application Developer to join our team! We are flexible for full or part time. Our firm offers full benefits and a fun and relaxed work environment. We need someone with at least 2 years of professional programming experience and would prefer PHP experience. If you are interested in applying, contact us today.

Move to Windows 10 on Your Terms

Windows 10 Upgrade Dialog Box

It's been almost a year since Windows 10 was released and we are just now starting to see it creep into the business environment. The primary issue with the upgrade has not been compatibility or user experience like most IT professionals would have thought. Rather, the issue is being able to decide when to upgrade. Through Windows updates, Microsoft has made the upgrade to Windows 10 less of a straightforward choice and, on some PCs, the upgrade to 10 is automatic unless the user specifically removes the upgrade from the schedule.

Professional Data Recovery

Data Recovery

As IT consultants, we work with lots of different organizations and have seen it all. We always preach the 3-2-1 backup rule. 3 Copies of anything you want to keep. 2 storage medias. 1 offsite backup location. This is a widely accepted backup practice and protects against almost any type of loss. Sometimes though, good backups are not there when a data loss occurs. Maybe there was critical data on an individual user's PC when it should have been on the server. Maybe backups were setup a long time ago and have not been running for the last couple weeks or months.

Cisco ASA Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Cisco ASAs

On February 10th, Cisco published a security advisory about a major flaw in their ASA line of firewalls. The nature of the vulnerability is such that most of these devices out in production are affected and can be completely taken over by a remote attacker. Furthermore, there is no simple mitigation of this issue. The firmware on these devices must be flashed with an updated version with the fix built in. This means downtime for customers without a fail-over setup.

Fiber Internet is Within Reach

MCS Fiber

Not that long ago, installing a fiber Internet connection was so costly that it was only reserved for large corporations and data centers. Often times, these super fast connections came at the price of expensive build-outs and high monthly fees. Fiber optic lines can support much higher bandwidth and travel a lot farther than copper. Copper lines were originally intended only to transmit analog voice communications and were later adapted for digital data.

Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

MCS offices will be closed Thursday November 26th and Friday the 27th for the Thanksgiving holiday. We will have technicians on call for any client with an active RightTrack agreement who needs emergency service.

Windows 10 Officially Released

Windows 10

Now that Windows 10 is out in the world, should your organization pull the trigger on an upgrade? We recommend not yet. Windows 10 really is a great OS but it is still new and we are seeing issues with some in place upgrades. Microsoft is giving users a whole year to upgrade and given that Windows 10 does not offer any compelling "must have" features over Windows 7, the safe bet for now will be to stick with the good old workhorse that is Windows 7.

Windows Server 2003 Support is Ending July 14, 2015

Server 2003 EoL July 14, 2015

What does "End of Life" mean for an OS? Well, as is pertains to Windows Server 2003 it mainly means that Microsoft will no longer push out security updates. Right now, if a new exploit in Windows Server 2003 becomes known, the engineers at Microsoft will create a patch and release it through Windows Update. After July 14th 2015, there will be no more security updates released to all Windows 2003 servers.


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