Nagios Consulting

MCS performs Nagios implementations and offers consulting services. Below are some of the clients we have provided with implementation and support service for Nagios products. For more information on the Nagios XI products, please see our Nagios page. Or send us a message if you are interested in finding out more about our Nagios consulting services.

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

MCS worked with Hyundai engineers to migrate Nagios Core systems. Multiple Nagios Core systems were migrated in to a single Nagios XI instance. Custom plugins were created and customized. The final service count was over 9,000.

GFS (Gordon Food Service)

Nagios XI implemented from the ground up to replace an aging in-house monitoring solution. Worked closely with GFS IT to implement sample checks by converting in-house scripts to work with the Nagios Client. Included SUSE Enterprise Linux, HP UX, and AIX systems.


MCS worked with a division of IBM to implement Nagios XI across several of their data centers across the globe. This project monitored over 3000 nodes including many custom checks. After our work was completed, MCS trained an IBM internal IT team and successfully handed off day to day maintenance.

Broadsword Trading

Nagios XI implemented to monitor switch traffic, ping times, and port status for their internal infrastructure, as well as other SNMP monitoring for network devices.


Nagios XI implemented as a conversion from the Nagios Core product. Configurations for hosts and services were merged and imported to the new XI system. Monitoring included internal storage networks and servers.

Plainfield School District

Nagios XI implemented as a conversion from the Nagios Core product. Included custom checks that had to be moved over from the Core system. System has over 1000 hosts in it with multiple services per host.

MCS (Internal)

Nagios XI implemented from the ground up to monitor internal network infrastructure as well as remote client servers. Windows machines, Linux (CentOS and Redhat), VMware Servers, HyperV servers all implemented. Many add-on checks for checking things like bandwidth usage, raid controller information, and SAN disk statistics. Over 70 hosts monitored encompassing over 530 services.

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